In the early nineties, after our own horse nearly died from cancer, we began a mission to provide horse owners with a natural approach to total equine health and performance. Our programs include supporting the body’s natural immune functions for the prevention of disease, and the utilization of certified organic whole food products and herbs for complete and natural healing for those that come to us with injury or chronic issues. 
Since health and performance begin with proper nutrition, that is also where we began.

After years of research into processed and preserved feed products we came to one simple conclusion. There is only one source of nutrition that is 100% bio-available and complete in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, nutrients and micronutrients.

That exclusive source is Certified Organic, whole food products. 
We formulated the first products in the industry specifically for equine performance, and we now have the most complete and balanced Certified Organic, whole food product made for horses.

As many of you already know, we are referring to our wildly popular Certified Organic, whole food product line called HP7 Certified Organic Nutrition Systems and the treat known around the world as WIN-TREATS™

We believe prevention of disease and injury is always the best medicine. So all of our botanical formulas are gentle, safe, and effective methods that support and enhance proper immune functions for optimal health, complex nutrients for quality muscle, strong ligaments and bone, with the addition of natural constituents to increase vitality, performance and longevity.

For our equine friends that find themselves injured or diseased, our formulas offer ingredients, some of which have been used successfully for thousands of years, so powerful and effective our customers have heralded the results they achieved as “miraculous”.    

Unlike the corporate giants that take great pride in the huge financial profits they make by selling poor quality, animal grade products, we take great pride in creating the very best products that can be made from the finest human quality ingredients available.

Because we only sell direct, our products are affordable to every horse owner. From back yard ponies to US Olympic athletes, they all come running for their WIN-TREATS™, and stick around for all our other amazing products.

Horse owners everywhere continue to rave about our unyielding commitment to excellent service, our affordable pricing, and the finest products they have ever used.

If you try any of our products and do not experience this level of satisfaction, we will refund your purchase price. Always have, always will.

BlueRidge Distribution, Inc.
When it come to feeding your horse, there is a difference…
And we make it.