Consultation Services are available from Caron Haggerty, CNC. Caron has been working with horse and dog nutrition and Herbal products for 20 years. She started Equine Organics almost 15 years ago and formulated the first Certified Organic Nutrition and Detox product for horses in the country.


Before most folks in the industry even knew what Certified Organic meant, she developed 31 products that have been used with great success by horses of every size and description for well over a decade. Caron and her team of support staff have most likely done more independent research and development on Certified Organic and Herbal Products than anyone else in the business. From back yard ponies to horses competing on the US Olympic Teams, Caron has been the “go to” source for successful programs to resolve a myriad of problems, often when all other conventional methods have failed. Caron developed and formulated all the products currently being distributed by BlueRidge Distribution Inc.

Consultation Services Available:

Option 1: Comprehensive Evaluation and Protocol:  Fee $395.
The Comprehensive Evaluation and Protocol begins with a complete and detailed work up of your horse, including the age and activity levels, the horses current feed and supplement program, worming program, and complete health history, We do not do blood work, but if you can make the results of recent blood work available, it will also be reviewed.

  1. To initiate this process a comprehensive questionnaire will be available on line for your convenience, or can be faxed to you if required.
  2. This information will be compiled and evaluated and at completion, a telephone interview is scheduled with you for Caron to review and discuss pertinent information with you.
  3. A complete feeding and supplement protocol will then be developed, along with recommendations for a worming program.
  4. Where necessary, an herbal supplement program and protocol will be established for any additional issues, as individual circumstances require.
  5. Protocol and Instruction documents are presented to you and an appointment is made for a telephone meeting to review and discuss recommendations.
  6. Follow up appointments are recommended after 3 to 4 weeks for all non-critical situations. Critical situations may require follow up as circumstances demand. Follow up appointments are at the standard hourly rates.
  7. Clients purchasing Option 1: Comprehensive Evaluation and Protocol, will in addition receive an additional 10% discount on all products purchased as recommended by Consultation. No other discounts or specials will apply.

Option 2: Consultation Services by appointment.
Appointment Fee $135. Includes the first 30-minutes of Consultation.   
$65. Per 30 minutes thereafter. 

Discounts available for “Club” Members:
Option 1: Comprehensive Evaluation and Protocol:  Fee $345.
Option 2: Consultation Services by appointment:  Appointment Fee $100.
$50 Per 30 minutes thereafter.
All fees payable in advance at time of initial appointment.
All major credit cards are accepted.