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Question:  Are WINTREATS a supplement?
  Answer:  WINTREATS are a Certified Organic Whole Food Product. Each whole food ingredient is selected for it?s specific nutritional content, including 55 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, nutrients and micronutrients. Because WINTREATS is a grain-based product, it can replace up to 30% of any supplemental grain you may be feeding now with 100% Bio-available nutrition. Reduced bulk, more nutrition per pound than any feed product you can buy means you feed less bulk and save money. Nothing to measure, nothing to mix. Just follow the Recommended Daily Feeding Chart and in 6 to 8 weeks expect to see beautiful skin, a super shining coat, and that healthy vibrant look in their eyes. In 3 to 4 months you?ll see better muscle tone, increased ligament strength, and the best hooves your horse has ever owned. And that?s just the results you can see on the outside!
Question:  Are WINTREATS a Treat
  Answer:  Using WINTREATS as a Treat gives your horse an amazing, healthy source of delicious nutrition that makes them ?come a running? when they hear you rattle that WINTREATS bag. If you already feed treats, give them a whole food product they?ll love to eat, with the added bonus of GREAT NUTRITION MADE FUN!
Question:  Q: Are BRD Products guaranteed?
  Answer:  Yes. All BRD Products are guaranteed. Our Performance Guarantee: When you follow the specified protocol for any product for 90 continuous days, if you are not satisfied with the results, contact our sales office. We will arrange for a refund or credit, less the cost of shipping and handling.
Question:  Q: Can I just order product as I need it?
  Answer:  Yes, of course. Please remember, we do not have product setting on a shelf waiting for someone to call and purchase. Every order is made fresh by hand and shipped same day direct to your door. For WINTREATS™ It can take 3 to 5 days to get a bake date and 3 to 5 days for shipping. That means it can take up to 10 days from the time you order until the time you actually receive the product. When you run out you loose the benefits of the products.
Question:  Q: Do I save money by ordering refills?
  Answer:  Yes. 2 ways. 1. When you keep your original container from your Start Up Kit, your refills cost less because you are not paying for the cost of the container, only the product and a recyclable shipping container. 2. ?Club? Members get the Autoship? Service and save 20 to 30% on all purchases.
Question:  Q: Do you have bulk or volume pricing available?
  Answer:  Yes. Bulk or volume pricing is available. Please call Customer Service and they will set up a custom program for you. 877-379-7777
Question:  Q: Do you offer Gift Certificates:
  Answer:  Yes. We will be happy to make a gift certificate out in any denomination of $10.00 or more of your choosing and personalize a message from you and or your horse.
Question:  Q: Everyone I talk to tells me something different about my feed and supplement program and honestly I?m a bit confused, How do I get the information I really need to make sure my horse is getting the nutrition and supplements it needs?
  Answer:  That?s a great question we hear every day. We have a Certified Nutritional Counselor and Herbalist on staff ready to help you with a complete customized program for your horse(s).
Question:  Q: I love your products and tell my friends about you all the time. Can I get paid to sell your products?
  Answer:  Yes, you can. Check out the specifics on the website.
Question:  Q: I love your products and tell my friends about you all the time. Do you have a referral program?
  Answer:  Yes, we do. Check out the specifics on the website.
Question:  Q: Is there any benefit to me if I use Autoship??
  Answer:  Yes. There 5 specific benefits. 1. You save 20 to 30% from retail pricing. 2. You save time, 1 less thing on your ?To do list?. 3. Your horse gets the maximum nutrition from the products. 4. You get fresh products with no preservatives. 5. You never run out of product.
Question:  Q: What is the ?Club?
  Answer:  The ?Club? is an annual membership that gives you special discounts on over 30 different products, clothing, hats and accessories, plus access to special ?Club? events on the website, like ?Mid-month Madness?- 24 hours of discounts of up to 50% off retail pricing, Plus free product at shows and events, Double Bonus points at all Horse show contests, and many other ?Club? Events and promotions.
Question:  Q: What is the ?Club? Membership cost?
  Answer:  ?Club? Membership is $29.99 a year per family established by personal residence shipping address.
Question:  Q: What?s the big deal about Certified Organic?
  Answer:  3 major things: 1. What you don?t get. Certified Organic Farms are certified to be free of farm chemicals for a minimum period of 7 years. Hundreds of toxic chemicals are used in commercial farming that are harmful to all living organisms, poison the water tables, destroy the natural immune properties of the crop, alter the molecular structure of the crops therefore altering it?s natural form and food value, destroy the soil's natural nutrient base of vitamin, mineral, amino acids, micro nutrients just to scratch the surface of this complex issue. 2. Since Genetically Modified Foods are not supposed to be used in human products, that leaves our animals to be the subject to this ?experiment? with food. Most experts outside the corporate ?monopolies? that profit from these products agree that they are at least potentially dangerous and at worst pose a significant threat to the entire food chain. Since the ?science? on all these products comes exclusively from the corporate ?monopolies? most independent sources believe it is unreliable at best. 3. Certified Organic Food products provide the highest source of synthetic chemical free quality food products on planet earth. Vitamin, mineral, amino acids, micronutrients are present as nature intended and because they are in whole food form they are 100% bio-available.
Question:  Q: When I use Autoship how often can I change my order?
  Answer:  When ever you need to with 30 days notice required on WINTREATS™, 10 days on all other Products.
Question:  Q: Why don?t you sell your products in stores?
  Answer:  2 main reasons: 1. Most all products sold in stores require at least a 1-year shelf life. That kind of shelf life requires the use of preservatives. Preservatives commonly used in animal grade products are toxic chemicals that can seriously damage your animal?s health. 2. All products sold in stores are marked up 3 to 4 times. Wholesale, Distribution, Retail. So an item costing $10. at retail might give you less than $6.00 worth of wholesale value. Subtract the cost of advertising, packaging and labeling and you could be looking at as little as $2-3.00 in actual product. When you buy direct there is no multiple markups and we can put more money into better quality ingredients at a lower retail price. Bottom line, you get a much better product for a lot less money.
Question:  Q? How do you ship the products?
  Answer:  Shipping: We send orders by Standard shipping, UPS or FedX ground, or USPS Priority Mail unless otherwise specified by you. All PO Box orders will be shipped US Postal Service. Two day and Next day air are also available; please call our office for pricing.
Question:  Q? What is Autoship??
  Answer:  Autoship? is a convenient Custom Reorder plan that sets up a specific production and shipping date on a regular basis to make and deliver fresh products right to your door. Most often used for WINTREATS™ to insure you do not run out. ?Club? Membership can be set up for monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly deliveries.