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I tried a sample of your BooBoo Dr that I was given at the Equine Affaire in Ca. on my horses hooves. My Appy has strong Thoroughbred background and has terrible feet, very, dry and brittle. Since using the BooBoo Dr. the hoof wall now looks so much healthier and stonger. After a few months use my farrier said he noticed a difference in the new growth and asked me what I was doing different.
Stephanie Fling
I would like to compliment your company. I have an extremely knowledgeable representative Caron. She has been excellent in assisting me with the needs of my horses. The products she recommended have greatly improved my horses. One horse, in particular, was having difficulty with his coat. His body had hairless patches, his facial hair was sparse, his mane and tail were quite brittle. I tried several supplements , to no avail, Caron suggested I try the EFA Oil combined with a combination of herbs. My horse now has a full soft beautiful coat. He looks wonderful. Many people think he is a different horse.
Kiva and I just wanted to thanks you for all of your help! Kiva has been taking the supplements you sent since the 15th of August. I can't believe how good she feels and looks! Her appetite is ravenous and she is frisky like a pup! We've started playing again and only have to have chiropractic accupuncture rarely now! I am so thankful that I connected with you! You truly are a godsend.
My horse was diagnosed with arthritis involving the right hock. After several months on EquiMotion, he showed marked signes of improvement. We now have a steady routine and he has been sound without any signs of pain or stiffness. Now two years later we are eventing. My Vet marvels at his overall improved health and freedom of movement. His recent X-rays show no progression of arthritis. Do your horse a favor call Caron Haggerty for a consultation. These supplements work in many ways.. they can prevent, maintain and restore the health of our beloved horses.
Kathy B - Nashville, TN